Welcome to the one and only Mickey Finn's. We have been serving up handcrafted beer since 1994, and great burgers and wings for even longer. Anyone can brew beer, large conglomerates crank it out by the tanker loads every hour of the day. But here at Mickey Finn's, we pride ourselves on the commitment we give to our truly unique ales and lagers. Our beer is all natural, with no additives or preservatives. As Lake County's first brewpub, we think you'll find nothing else compares to a handcrafted Mickey Finn's pint and our great pub fare.

New Mickey Finn's open this Friday for lunch.

We are currently closed and moving to our new local.  We will be open this weekend!

Come and enjoy new Mickey Finn's this weekend!  Open for lunch on Friday, we begin a new era.  Friday night we are hosting the District 70 fundraiser in our new banquet space (still un-named), tix are $20 in advance and $25 at the door...price includes dj and heavy appetizers - cash bar of  course.  A great chance to check out new Mickey Finn's and help fund the District 70 Family Association that does so much for our kids.

Saturday enjoy live music from Rock City Seven.  Get there early - it will be busy.

Some common questions I've been asked.

Is the brewery done?  No. Not yet.  Moving and expanding a brewery of that size is no small task.  Although the space is great, and twice the size the building and floors have yielded significant challenges.  We hope to have Mickey Finn's handcrafted ales back on tap before summer.

So no beer?  No.  We'll have plenty of tasty micro brews and imports on tap until were ready to go.  Yes, we will still have your common domestic lagers and light beers available in bottles.  Why?  I guess because we're not beer snobs, plus we like the opportunity to convert these drinkers to a better product.

What's up with the Amber Room?  It's gone.  We have 3 seperate spaces for private events every day and night.  The space is very cool and unique.  There is no more entertainment in those spaces for the weekends so it's your's for the night.

No entertainment?  No we will have live music every Saturday night in the bar/restaurant area (there will eventually be a stage) and occasionally on Thursday nights.

What's up with the beer garden?  Should be fully operational by Mother's day.  It'll have a little different vibe than the old one.  Goodbye to the picnic tables - hello to tables and chairs with backs.  Should be seating on the northside of the building for more than 50 people.

Please tell me you still have the great bar stools with the duct tape?  Sadly no.  The old bar stools with the duct tape have been replaced with a younger, stronger and more good looking stool.

At least you have the rickety and wobbly wood chairs right? No.  see answer above.

What's up with your menu?  Great question.  At first it'll be a greatest hits version of our regular menu.  We have a new kitchen and we want to make sure we get everything right.  It will later be followed with larger version with some new items, more salads, smoked meats and some gluten free options.

So is new Mickey Finn's done? No.  I assume we'll be fine tuning the space for the next year.  So be patient with us. As we are family owned we don't have the resources of a multi-billion dollar corporation.

Will you still have nice tv's?  Nicer.

See you this weekend.

Brian G.

Sunday, April 6th (Hawks, Cubs, and Sox today)

Only 8 days left at old Finn's.  Don't miss a chance to come in one more time!